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Report a Poacher or Other Violation



Puget Sound Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery

Rules and Regulations

WAC 220-301-040
Marine Fish-Shellfish Management and Catch Reporting Areas, Puget Sound.
WAC 220-302-100
San Juan Islands Marine Preserve Area.
WAC 220-320-060
General provisions - Shellfish.
WAC 220-320-100
Crab - General unlawful acts.
WAC 220-320-110
Puget Sound crab management regions.
WAC 220-340-020
Shellfish - Unlawful acts - Commercial.
WAC 220-340-060
Commercial shellfish pot gear - Escape mechanism required.
WAC 220-340-400
Definition - Commercial crab fishing.
WAC 220-340-410
Commercial crab licenses.
WAC 220-340-420
Commercial crab fishery - Unlawful acts.
WAC 220-340-430
Commercial crab fishery - Buoy tag, pot tag, and buoy requirements.
WAC 220-340-435
Commercial crab fishery - Shellfish pot requirements.
WAC 220-340-440
Commercial crab gear - Possession of another’s gear and tag tampering.
WAC 220-340-455
Crab fishery -- Seasons and areas - Puget Sound.
WAC 220-340-470
Commercial crab fishery - Gear limits - Puget Sound and Marine Fish-Shellfish Management and Catch Reporting Areas.
WAC 220-352-010
Fish receiving ticket definitions.
WAC 220-352-020
When state of Washington fish receiving tickets are required.
WAC 220-352-030
When state of Washington fish receiving tickets are not required.
WAC 220-352-130
Distribution of copies of shellfish receiving ticket.
WAC 220-352-140
Signatures - Fish receiving tickets.
WAC 220-352-160
Fish receiving ticket accountability.
WAC 220-352-180
Duties of commercial purchasers and receivers.
WAC 220-352-190
Duties of commercial fishers.
WAC 220-352-210
License cards.
WAC 220-352-220
Dealer and buyer plates.
WAC 220-352-230
Commercial food fish and shellfish transportation ticket.
WAC 220-352-250
Sale under a direct retail endorsement.